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Running on Jewish Time

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Running Down Mountains

Every tiyul, two friends and I would stand posed at the summit of the mountain, take a deep
breathe and plunge down.

Running, jumping off into the air
the only things that exist are you, the mountain, and the next step
landing and then off again.
Faster and faster.
Sliding to a halt at the base, laughing, as our friend sprinted past us, unable to stop.

There's no time to think, no time to analyze. Just Move.
Balance in motion.
Perfect focus.

And then one morning, I was so tired.
At dawn we stood at the top of Masada, exhausted, exhilarated and eager.

And then we ran and I was so very tired.
My feet stumbled, my legs trembled, and finally I tripped, slide, wiped out.
My friends flew past unable to stop.

Trapped somewhere between heaven and home, staring at the serene blue sky
wondering how am I ever going to get off this mountain. There is no one here but me. There is no
one to help me but myself.

So, get up. Don't look, if you look you won't be able to. Don't look. Just walk.

One slow step after another. Just walk.

The days before Chagim are pure adrenaline, as a thousand necessities all become imperative and
fight for half 'n' hours. Balancing perfectly and moving lightly, never thinking of how, only must.
Only the very next minute.

and even after a wipe out. Get up and just walk.

One thing at time, nothing else exists.

That's how you conquer a mountain.


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