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Running on Jewish Time

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Day 17: Look Ma, No Brain!

[because that's what MEME's are anyway. Thanks Lvnsm, for a very welcome break from school work]

Accent: Which continent are we on?

Booze: Dry Red Wine, preferably Merlot

Chore: Toss up between Vaacuming and Laundry and doing the books

Dogs: The kind that come packs of 10

Essential Electronics: If I can survive 72 hours without it, it's not essential.
- Electronics used daily: Laptop, CD/MP3 player, Cell Phone, and USB Drive

Fragrance: should be enjoyed and not discussed

Gold/Silver: $20,000 dollars in each, please.

Hometown: left Jerusalem, 2000 years ago, and been trying to get back ever since

Insomnia: no, just to much to do with my life

Job Title: Student, (current favorite: Empress of Administration)

Kids: 'Some women are covered in diamonds,
Some women are covered in pearls,
Lucky me, Lucky me. Look at what I'm covered with.....'

Living Arrangements: G-d's way of improving my character

Most Admired Character Trait: why just one?

Number of Sexual Partners: It occurs to me that this if we were face to face, no one would ask such a question.

Overnight Hospital Stays: Birth?

Phobia: Failure, used to be heights.

Quote: "It's good to know G-d."

Religion: [grin... sigh, there's no way I can have fun with this without offending/confusing/actually committing some form of heretical statement... so, alas:] Jewish

Siblings: see living arrangements

Time I usaully wake up: When I need to, except when I don't

Unusaul talent: This can only be inane or absurd

Vegetable I refuse to eat: [raised eyebrow] dreadfully banal

X-rays: One for every dentist appointment and fractured bone

Yummy foods: enter recipie, food and several hours: output: food.

Zodiac Sign: Ein Mazal B'Yisrael.... Yesh Mazal B'Yisrael
So to whatever extent I have Mazal: Oznayim


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