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Running on Jewish Time

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Day 17: Look Ma, No Brain!

[because that's what MEME's are anyway. Thanks Lvnsm, for a very welcome break from school work]

Accent: Which continent are we on?

Booze: Dry Red Wine, preferably Merlot

Chore: Toss up between Vaacuming and Laundry and doing the books

Dogs: The kind that come packs of 10

Essential Electronics: If I can survive 72 hours without it, it's not essential.
- Electronics used daily: Laptop, CD/MP3 player, Cell Phone, and USB Drive

Fragrance: should be enjoyed and not discussed

Gold/Silver: $20,000 dollars in each, please.

Hometown: left Jerusalem, 2000 years ago, and been trying to get back ever since

Insomnia: no, just to much to do with my life

Job Title: Student, (current favorite: Empress of Administration)

Kids: 'Some women are covered in diamonds,
Some women are covered in pearls,
Lucky me, Lucky me. Look at what I'm covered with.....'

Living Arrangements: G-d's way of improving my character

Most Admired Character Trait: why just one?

Number of Sexual Partners: It occurs to me that this if we were face to face, no one would ask such a question.

Overnight Hospital Stays: Birth?

Phobia: Failure, used to be heights.

Quote: "It's good to know G-d."

Religion: [grin... sigh, there's no way I can have fun with this without offending/confusing/actually committing some form of heretical statement... so, alas:] Jewish

Siblings: see living arrangements

Time I usaully wake up: When I need to, except when I don't

Unusaul talent: This can only be inane or absurd

Vegetable I refuse to eat: [raised eyebrow] dreadfully banal

X-rays: One for every dentist appointment and fractured bone

Yummy foods: enter recipie, food and several hours: output: food.

Zodiac Sign: Ein Mazal B'Yisrael.... Yesh Mazal B'Yisrael
So to whatever extent I have Mazal: Oznayim

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Day 12: In the Name of Those Who Spoke

My family was lucky, half of the them survived.

I don't understand the Holocaust. I dare not presume to ascribe meaning to a depth of human suffering I have no comprehension of. So I am silent.

But my great grandmother is dead, so are her sisters and brother. They can no longer speak.

So should I be silent? Dare I be silent?

Of what should I speak?
- That man may be reduced to an animal.
- Lest we forget.
- Of being numbered rather than named.

No, there's something better to be said.

One who says an idea in the name of the one who taught it, brings the geulah closer.

So what did my great grandmother, Rivka bat Yehudah, teach me?

To work is good,
to work often is better,
and to work for the good of others, best of all.

So, maybe the geulah is a little closer now.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Day 4: Actually Getting It

Despite the wonderful opportunity this poses to discuss the fine points of the differences between the study of Torah and academia,

I think there is a much simpler level of understanding: Suicide Bomber in Tel Aviv Kills 8

It's just a headline, but it shouldn't be and it's going to keep happening until we actually get it.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Strange Kindness

G-d does me a strange kindness.

Every time, I think I've got it right, I finally understand life, the universe and everything and just as begin the envision of the fluffy clouds of my lofty comprehension beneath my feet, it turns out to be so much mist and shadows.

G-d kindly reminds me, that while He might be infalliable, I and my understanding are most certainly not.

and sometimes I wonder, but for that little reminder, what sort self-complacent non-believer I might have become had G-d let keep believing that I really understood.

If I have no questions, there's no hope ever getting answers.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Hello Morning & the Benefits of Three Day Chag

Greeting the new day from the wrong side of sleep. Again.

There's a three day chag coming up and the kvetching has already started. The ridiculous amounts of food, the oily hair, the copious amounts of laundry, all the results of three day dedicated to complete rest.

These three days are like a shaft of sunlight breaking through the gathering stormclouds of the ending semester. Three days, homework free. Three days, when I can remember how to live instead of catching mouthfulls of food between class and a few hours of sleep, head pillowed on a textbook.

After the first day, I begin to feel human.
Come the second day, I relax, reassured that the world has indeed continued turning for 24 hours without my assistance.
On the third day, I finally look out my window at the glowing world and remember how very grateful I am to be alive and Jewish.

In galut, we have an extra day. Apparently to remind us of the Jerusalemaic nature of the calendar.

But perhaps, we who live surrounded by a world that runs ceaselessly, need a bit longer to remember that menucha not only means cessation of work, but a serenity of the soul.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The One Who Does Not Know to Ask

The Sfas Emet saith:

This is not an ignoramous.
This is not a little child.

This the guy who has a question and doesn't ask.

So we teach him how to.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Running Down Mountains

Every tiyul, two friends and I would stand posed at the summit of the mountain, take a deep
breathe and plunge down.

Running, jumping off into the air
the only things that exist are you, the mountain, and the next step
landing and then off again.
Faster and faster.
Sliding to a halt at the base, laughing, as our friend sprinted past us, unable to stop.

There's no time to think, no time to analyze. Just Move.
Balance in motion.
Perfect focus.

And then one morning, I was so tired.
At dawn we stood at the top of Masada, exhausted, exhilarated and eager.

And then we ran and I was so very tired.
My feet stumbled, my legs trembled, and finally I tripped, slide, wiped out.
My friends flew past unable to stop.

Trapped somewhere between heaven and home, staring at the serene blue sky
wondering how am I ever going to get off this mountain. There is no one here but me. There is no
one to help me but myself.

So, get up. Don't look, if you look you won't be able to. Don't look. Just walk.

One slow step after another. Just walk.

The days before Chagim are pure adrenaline, as a thousand necessities all become imperative and
fight for half 'n' hours. Balancing perfectly and moving lightly, never thinking of how, only must.
Only the very next minute.

and even after a wipe out. Get up and just walk.

One thing at time, nothing else exists.

That's how you conquer a mountain.

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