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Running on Jewish Time

Monday, March 13, 2006

The Wife of The King

[A small little idea that I stumbled over listening to Megillah tonight.]

Where is G-d in the Megillah?

Everywhere it says "HaMelech"- The King.

So listen to what The King did....(translation is my own)
"And The King's servants said to him, The King should seek young virgins, who are good to look at. Let The King appoint ministers in all the provincies of His Kingdom to gather together every young virgin of good appearance to Shushan the capital to the House of Women, under the control of Haggai the officer of The King, guardian of the women; and they can have all the makeup. Then, let the girl who pleases The King reign in the place of Vashti...."
What is this saying about G-d? That He is looking to replace Vashti, but what does Vashti represent and all the maidens?

This is in the midst of the first exile, national rejection we have ever encountered, what is G-d doing seeming to look elsewhere.

It has the ominous echo of
"... and it will happen that in the place, where it will be said to them 'You are not My people' and there it will be said to you, "Children of a Living G-d'".... (Hosea, 2:1)
because at the end
"And The King loved Esther more than all the other women"


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