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Running on Jewish Time

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Small but Tough

Just Watch.

[warning: deeply ironic and twisted humor might be necessary for enjoyment]

Added 16 March 2006:

The first time I saw the video, I was shocked. The faces are clear, calm and unknowing as death glides by on black wheels. The target, some small cafe, some nameless - nearly faceless people.

I learnt long ago that more heroes ride away on buses than galloping into sunsets, but finding evil arriving in a compact car makes me watch suspiciously vehicles flying past.

We are voiceless observers to a planned massecre.

Holding our breath, a faint frown of concentration crosses on the bomber's face, as he presses the button.

Then a gasp as the explosion rocks the car, and silence. Nothing. No one dead. No one hurt.
A second between life and death.

Like the blink of an eye.


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