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Running on Jewish Time

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Class in the Life of a Substitute

Tze U'lmad.... Go out and learn...

Questions produced by fifteen seventh graders and one hagada
  1. So did Lavan and Pharoah, like, conspire to kill all the Jews?
  2. Why did Lavan go down to Egypt?
  3. Why is Lavan such a bitter nasty goy who wants to kill his own family?
  4. What does Ya'akov have to do with leaving Egypt, He's dead!
  5. If G-d is the King of the Universe why are the other kings, like Pharoah and stuff?
  6. So if G-d knows everything we'll do, then why did He even bother to tell Lavan not to do anything to Ya'akov?
From completely confused to fundemental questions about the nature of the Universe in forty minutes.



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