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Running on Jewish Time

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Story of....

[to blatantly rip off one of my favorite authors]

All stories start....
And Now Read On.
You could say this is the story of a fairly wealthy country.
Okay. a fabulously wealthy country.
So freaking wealthy they practically own all the food on the planet.

You could say this is the story of massive crop failure across the entire region
the story of the Immigration of 2238.
the story of the government suspression of the overburgoning non-indigenous mulltitude through population control and mandetory drafts.
the story of how the whole the most powerful country in the world collasped overnight
the Great Slave Escape of 2448

or the story of the how G-d took a single family and transformed them into a holy nation.

It depends on who writes the history books.


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