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Running on Jewish Time

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

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Scrawling my name, across the postman's clipboard. The room a tornado of colors, as people rushed in and out. Answering phones, questions, giving directions and making spot decisions as the hissing sound of the spinning rat race in my ears.

The flashing colors fade white around the edges, the hissing grows louder.
NO! I have to finish this.
By sheer force of will bringing the room back into focus. The hissing receding, thrust my mind. Shaking my head, concentrating on the world around me. The demands that all need to be dealt with. Deep breath.

Blast! The room is fading, the noise drowning out everything else. Need to get more sleep. will tonight. maybe.

The bright colors blur in and out of focus, and fade into white sunwashed ceiling of my room. The silence echoes in my ears until:
Masmida! Hey don't you have class today?


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