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Running on Jewish Time

Sunday, January 15, 2006

10 Tevet : The First Mistake

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The tenth of Tevet, Nevuchadnezzer's troops closed around the city of Jerusalem and sealed it off from the rest of the world1,2

There is no fast marking the day the Romans besieged Jerusalem. The fast of Tevet is uniquely about the first Beit Ha'Mikdash and all the mistakes of the period that still haunt us.

So assuming that no one reading this has commited murder, adultery or idolotry3, what have we done?

Failed to make Birchat Ha'Torah? [Yoma]

But what's a bracha? An acknowledgement, a statement of the value, a expression of respect.

What's the cost of disrespect?

David Ha'Melech rips a tear out of Shaul's cloak and years latter clothes can't keep him warm. That which one disparges or mocks or treats with utilitarian indifference, will return the favor and become the useless tool we treated it as.

Torah without a bracha is............... well, scripture.4

1 It occurs me this is an excellent mashal for dealing with depression or most sorts of negitive charecteristics. The first thing the Yetzer Ha'ra tries to convince you of is that you're all alone and it's just you against the whole world, you, tiny single individual, alone, without anyone else, against one of the most powerful of G-d's agents in the world, that's taken out entire cities and beat Adam within hours of his creation. Ready to give up yet?

2 Consider the implications in terms of G-d's majesty if His city is removed from contact with the rest of the world. Heichal Hashem, Heichal Hashem, Heichal Hashem Hema...... [yirimyah]

3 If this statement is not correct, please contact your nearest law enforcement officer, marriage couselor or Orthodox rabbi as appropriate.

4 There but for the Grace of G-d go I.


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