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Running on Jewish Time

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

On the Wisdom of the Greeks

[Note: an appropriate line of inquiry for a Jew studying in a instition which in its very name and architecture is all to reminiscent of the oppressor of the current holiday]

I spend most of my time studying a discipline that is a direct inheritor of the physicality and philosophy of the Helenized world, that discards everything that cannot be measured or quanitified. Reduces the vast expanse of the universe into the ticking clockwork of Newtonian law.

I watch the Religous world and the Orthodox world in particular argue with passion and abandon the issues of free will and determinism, quantum and continumum, secular and devine.
A student of both, I work throught the detailed mechanics, doggedly isolating the answers amid a pleathorea of details, and paitently reducing to the elegant and simple thought hidden at the root.

With every new idea, new line of thought, working through the logic, testing cases, tearing the thought down and rebuilding it again and again.

I think and speak, in equations, in pasukim. I cannot tell you if quantum allows for free will, I haven't done the math. I do not know if the world was created in six days, I haven't yet completely learnt through the first thirty one pasukim of breasheit yet.

Does Science and Torah contradict?

Don't know, still working on it.


  • Check out Chabad.com they have some excellent articles on this topic. Also Professor Herman Branover a Physicist/ Baal Tshuva's books.

    You might also like the tapes of the Symposium of Orthodox Jewish Scientists..

    By Blogger Semgirl, at 11:54 PM, December 27, 2005  

  • Smile, thanks, Semgirl.

    I am not in the middle of some great crisis of faith. It's just I find it ironic that so many argue so passionately about something they know so little about.

    Physics is not a simple subject and I have several older frum scientists whom i discuss these issues with when they come up.

    but i'm still learning.

    By Blogger Masmida, at 12:02 AM, December 28, 2005  

  • masmida,

    keep learning, keep reading, keep enquiring, it is a life long process, never be afraid of the truth, it's what Hashem wants of us.

    Don't stop!

    By Blogger The Rabbi's Kid, at 3:36 AM, December 28, 2005  

  • There's an amazing book I'm reading now called
    The Science of God by Gerald Schroeder.
    All of his books are great.

    By Blogger David_on_the_Lake, at 2:11 PM, December 28, 2005  

  • my grandfather is a physics professor at Harvard, and my grandmother could be if she wanted to. They aren't frum and the main problem they have with my family being frum is the scientific aspect. They find it strange that we live by something which is so easily disproved by science in some areas. I can try to argue with them but they know way too much science for me. I hope you find out some answers, I know it's a big question for a lot of people.
    good luck!

    By Blogger araya(uh-ray-uh), at 2:28 PM, December 28, 2005  

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