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Running on Jewish Time

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Can't Handle the Truth....

Absolutely. I am an idealist after all.

So here's the truth as far as I live:
Man lives seventy or eighty years and then he dies.
so saith David, the Sweer Singer of Israel.

That's it folks, 70, 80, maybe ninety years and then they plant you like a flower pot and put on rock on top of you to make sure you stay.

and you know what, you could live your life that way.

But I don't have time for that. I have far to little time on this world to live in the shadow of my death. There are far too many things to be done than to bemoan that which is not being done.

So I can't handle the truth. Confrontation with the real nature of Man's evil side makes me sick with disbelief.

To know the evil is bad enough. But to know the pettiness, the trivialities which become an excuse for the most malignant and bitter hatred. The very smallness and pitifull childishness of those who could be so great.

Man is small and driven by desires. Man is wracked by the forces within his body which seem greater, more powerful, that seize his mind and senses. But staring into that dizzing depth, vertigo spinning my vision, I answer to that yawning gap of darkness,
That which is does not have to be!
What is it to be human but to stand in the center of the world, balanced between all that is death and destruction and all that is life and creation. and to choose.

It is the excuses and prevications, the buts and ifs and maybes that, when He presented us with the choice, made G-d tell us.
Choose Life!
for it seems, that we by ourselves would declare that which good, evil, that which is life, death and that which is truth, falsehood.

I can't handle the truth. That in the very drawing of Man according to the exacting latitude of weakness and longitude of desire, I see only the falsehoods that we bury ourselves in to forget that the only and ultimate truth of our actions and our nature is that which we choose.


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