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Running on Jewish Time

Monday, November 21, 2005

There is an Eagle....

...that flies high above the sea. Every ten years, it climbs higher and higher and higher, until it comes so close to the sun, that all the feathers catch fire. The eagle halts and falls, plumeting into the sea.

When the eagle falls into the sea, it doesn't die. It grows new feathers and breaks free of the surface and flies into the sky. The nine time, this happens and tenth, the eagle falls and never comes up again.
Every ten years, we reach a height, a blazing pinnacle of perfection. A perfect moment, full of light and calm and then we fall. hard. slamming into the sea, sinking deep into the waves only to fight to the surface and gulp in harsh lungfuls of air. We break free of the water and sail back into the wind with the strange new wings we've grown.

There have been moments in my life, when I have been so sure, so aware of myself .

There have been other times, moments of change, moments that balance on a knife's edge, where I choose, not where or what or how?
... but what I am.

Moments of pure will, when I grit my teeth and ignore the sick feelings in my stomach and do the right thing.

Step onto the plane and leave all the safety and security of my room, my family, my home.

Tell an old friend goodbye.....let my best friend walk away.

Moments, my wings on fire, the cold blue sea beneath yawning beneath me.

Moments, I step off the cliff into the dark and ask G-d to catch me.


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