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Running on Jewish Time

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Leah - The Exhausted Mother

[for the one whom I may not call Leah]

The name Leah means exhausted.

Why was Leah exhausted? from crying about the possiblity of marrying Eisav and she didn't.
The morning after, Ya'akov says to Leah, "... Liar, the daughter of a liar, all night I called you Rachel, and you answered me?!" Answers Leah, "There are students without a teacher? Your father called you Eisav and you answered!"[breshit rabba]
Ya'akov became Eisav. He bought the rights of the firstborn, took the blessings and now, he's married the woman that Eisav was supposed to.

but still,
Hashem saw that Leah was hated
even if Leah didn't. In a relationship that has more than it's share of difficulties, Leah kept on going and going and going. Every child's name echoes her pain, until Yehuda, who is pure thankfullness for more than she had coming to her. and then a fifth son and a sixth son. until

but it is Leah, Yisrael's wife, not Ya'akov's, who becomes Bnei Yisrael's mother. Mother of Yehuda, the kings, mother of Levi, the priesthood, mother of Yissachar, the sanhedrin.

*ch. 30


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