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Running on Jewish Time

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Gone Fluffy

I swore this would never happen, but it has.

I've gone fluffy.

For girls, anyway, there is so much hashkafa and daver haskels and pathos mixed into anything we're taught, after a certain you can call the moral of the class with the first pasuk quoted.
In my senior year, the principal assigned a project to write our personal reflections on eight ideas that we learned in chumash that year and at least eight other haskafic ideas that we've learnt. For my opening salvo, I argued that 'ein od milvado' states that there can't possibly be an 'I' to write this, and for that point on didn't use the word 'I.' I did not like fluffy assignments.
but now... I've gone fluffy.

My friend and I were discussing the application of 'nekudat ha'bichira' in terms of how to think about all the college students around us, via email. Girls singing in public to create more ruach. Boys who came to simchat torah for the booze, and these are some of the more inocous activities that happen on college campuses.

I read her struggle to remain sensitive to the ideal and to the reality at the same time.
wrong actions, right choices for those who are choosing. and to remember that, and admire those making good choices for them (ie not judging them for doing things wrong),
and then... I went fluffy.
Just love people
I replied.

Dude. Halacha is Halacha, People are People, and when perfect standards meet imperfect reality, somethings gotta to give, and the answer is not some sort of group hug.

As an emotional response, it may be legit, but the reality is it completely sidesteps the question of people who do the wrong this for the right reason.

I've gone fluffy.


  • I'm not sure what you were trying to bring out with this post, but what I got out of it was powerful.

    For this I say thank you!
    P.S. It was the "love people" that did it for me.

    By Blogger vintage jeans, at 2:22 PM, December 11, 2005  

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