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Running on Jewish Time

Sunday, November 13, 2005

By Flood or by Fire

The Flood started today, oh, about miday. 1

Why? because that generation commited 'hamas'2

They destroyed all the barriers, between man and women, human and animal, mine and yours and G-d let them keep going until the wall between sea and land fell and the world drowned.


G-d strechted a rainbow across the sky, and told Noach,
" I will not curse the land anymore, for man is evil from his youth, nor will I destory all life as I have now.(Bereshit 8:21)"
and follows my father's favorite drasha:

This time it was a flood but, next time.....

it's going to be FIRE.3

1 according to Rebbe Nissan, and no, I am not touching the complicated business of calculating excatly when the flood started, because that is entirely too much arithmatic

2 The homonym with a current group of murders in entirely too fortuitous to really ignore, but we will anyway

3 as to why.... well in a country that is so inflexible it will cut off the feet of man who doesn't fit [bereshit rabba], there is a excess of firey indignation that has to go somewhere


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