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Running on Jewish Time

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Satisfaction- Silent and Strong

I revisited the shul of my youth for hakafot.
I smiled as the gabbai tried to end hakafot, only to be swept away by three overly-enthusiatic dancers, and laughed as hagba got rated ten by the judges.

But then comes the moment I wait for every year, Kol Ha'narim.

The young children stand and listen to the words that their souls heard 3500 years ago. All around them, in living breathing life, are the parents who learn it, who live it, who teach it to these small ones, standing as the pillars holding up the tallis over the heads of the next generation.

As I watch my brother carry the sefer torah back to the Aron, carrying this beloved burden, satisfaction, silent and strong, fills me.

The simcha is the moment, after living it and learning it, speaking its words and argueing their meanings, we hold the torah, and dance with it and with reverence and love, give to our children.


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