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Running on Jewish Time

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Reversing the Flow of causality

[How to combine Columbus Day, lectures in theorectical physics, and the coming Yom Kippur in a single entry........]

A causes B. B causes C.

what is the original cause of C? A.

for most of the world, time marches forward inexorably propelled by that which was, condemned to live forever in the shadow of past events, past errors, past life. A world in which the future is a mere puppet of the past.

but let's forget determism and abandon the staid climes of Aristolean causality and climb for the headspinning view above time.

It is not the past that determines the future, but the future which defines the past.

The Columbus Phenomenon:
Reasonable Theory: The earth is round
Bad Results: He landed in Latin America
Great Discovery: Yeah! New Continent to trade with.

So the Great Explorer creates a future in which his past abysmal approximation of the earth's radius yielded a New World.

So what are we doing on Yom Kippur....
We sit back and dream of what we want to become and then go rummaging through the 'useless bits' pile of our life for things to build that.
Hmmm.... Compassion, Compassion.
Ah Ha! Look, I just rationalized myself into helping because I didn't want to be the only one not helping... maybe I should stick around these people more often.

Need some sort a Zeal do-hickey thing....
Oh! This little competitive streak of mine fits perfectly with the jealousy of beautifully my friend davens, to get me up a least fifteen minutes earlier to have time to say brachot

I hope that all of you are far and above this level and have made considerable progress in eliminating all such unsavory characteristics. But, as for myself, I have no compunction in playing the lesser parts of myself off each other, after all the house always wins.

Gmar Chatima Tova.


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