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Running on Jewish Time

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Negtive Images

Having spent at least a good three weeks stressing about all the class I'm missing I am now going to invert the situation to stress about all the chag I'm missing.

It's chol haMoed. There is the entire sefer Kohelet to learn over and a lot of intresting discussions about the first sentance I want to have. My little sister needs to be played with and their is not a chance that my mother doesn't need time to shep nachas of all her children in the same room together.

There are parks to wander around in and friends to visit and trips to go on.

and I have to work on take home tests.

But on the other hand, I have one problem on the test completely done, my professor forgot to post the homework, so now its not due for another week, and there's no homework whatsoever in my other classes.

So I'm going to stop letting school get in the way of my chag.


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