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Running on Jewish Time

Thursday, October 06, 2005


From: Me
To:The King of the Universe
Date:8 days to Yom Kippur and Counting
Re: Academidic Sucess for Semesters, Fall and Spring

I would like to recommend to You that I receive excellent grades in my classes for the following reason. My name is Yours. I know that is an extremely arrogant thing to say but...

Everyone is horrified that I have spent and will spend more days ignoring important things like homework, studying, research etc. to sit and talk to You and to learn and to think. Including some of Your children who haven't visited in quite some time; they've assured me that they mean to stop by but that it's just too busy.

Plus, I'm the Jewish girl, so if I fail, it is not, me, myself and I and it's the Jewish Girl

So for the sake of demonstrating that keeping Your mitzvot is a good and not an evil, please give me good grades in the coming year, so that none of them may say, "Well, what you expect losing all those days!"


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