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Running on Jewish Time

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Who Exactly Are We?

Who are the Jews?

G-d chose us from among all the nations, to make Him holy for Him. But who are we? Who are these Jews, who call themselves humanists, citizens of the world? Who are these people who disclaim their history and future?

I cannot comprehend it. I cannot understand it. If I am not Jewish then I am nothing. It is the breathe with my lungs, the song in my soul, without which, I would be a hollow shell.

To stretch for some measure of logic.... Something beyond the pintle yid.
We are try to some measure of success to relate to G-d and the world around us within the framework of Torah. We study it, we speak it, we live it. We are it.

We are the living body of the torah. The greatest we hope for is to quote Rav Hirsch is to lose the singer in the song, the poet in the poetry, the teacher in the lesson.

Who's rashi? the commentary on the bottom of the page of chumash. Who's david? mizmor l'david, Hashem roei..... Who are any of these names that haunt the language that we use as we learn? They are the Torah they taught to us.

Everyone of us in a letter in the Torah, but not the written one, the one passed from teacher to student, from chavruta to chavruta, from generation to the next.


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