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Running on Jewish Time

Monday, September 12, 2005

Lost Among Family

Papers shuffling, notebooks snapping closed as a classroom tenses to rush the door and out rings a voice, "Professor!"

The class sinks back into their seats with an audiable sigh.

"Will there be class on October 3rd?"

"What's on October 3rd?"

"Um, a certain people's new year."


".... oh you mean, like mine." answered Dr. Cohen

As I pack up my stuff, I hear two voices behind me,
"Oh you're Jewish too."
"Yep", the reply comes easily," My mom's Jewish, so I'm Jewish. Judaism is passed materialinerally."

Confusion flashes across my face, the girl next to me jokes, "Because you always know who's the mother."

"Hey! what are you saying about my people?", I shoot back at her.

She looks at me, a little unsettled and I smile back, " I guess you're agonostic about religion, huh?", I ask.

"No." she answers slowly, " I'm Jewish."

I stand in shock as she walks past me, I had been sitting in a roomful of Jews and I didn't know it.


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