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Running on Jewish Time

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I think G-d is trying to tell me something


Class.... The professor writes on the board "Consistency" and explains how we can migate the fact we make mistakes by at least being consistent in them. (I generally regard this as idiocy, if I'm wrong, I like to know about this and fix it, not continue blindly in my own insanity)

Learning.... 13 Midot of Rachamim: starts off G-d is G-d, before and after we sin, He gives to us even when we don't deserve. End with and V'nekeh: He will annul the sin little by little as we repent on it.


Class 1: Conservative Forces and Potentials in Newtonian Forces

Class 2: Conservative Forces and Potentials in Electromagnetic Forces

Chavurta with very smart woman coming up this afternoon. Maybe she can get me to explain this to myself because I'm hyped on too much caffiene, to be able to do connect something this nuanced.

I wish when G-d tried to tell me something, He sent a translator also


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