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Running on Jewish Time

Friday, September 30, 2005

Have a Little Ambition

Remember being young and idealistic and ambitious.
Now stay there.

If Elul is about becoming pure, refining ourselves and preparing to greet G-d next week, why don't we have Yom Kippur first, so we can get all nice and squeaky clean and then greet Him?

The sad fact is that ever year we are still scrubbing away at the same dirty patches. Why? Maybe prehaps because we don't worry to much about the dirt; Nu, no one has time to clean up, everyone's house is a mess, I'm too tired, I have work to do, what's the big deal? I'd like to but honestly, who can?

But Rosh Hashana..... we meet the king, still dirty, still ragged, still messy, and realize: Oy. this is not where I should be.

and then maybe we can push ourselves to reach that ideal that we are faced with Rosh Hashana


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