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Running on Jewish Time

Friday, August 26, 2005

The Bright Side of Death

The following conversation appeared in the midst of a consideration of the coming month and the possiblity of getting a negative review this year
'Ello G-d! Its me. Yeah, I know I'm back a bit earlier than I expected but I think it was because of that sinning I was doin'

(11:34:54) Sinner: Yeah Know, I was thinkin' of it, and it was a bit daft. So, if Your Infinitness wouldn't mind, I'd like to have another go.

(11:35:09) Sinner: and I'll be reall real good.

(11:36:30) Sinner: Well, I am sorry. Very sorry.

(11:36:59) Sinner: If fact, if I knew I was going to be this sorry, I wouldn't ha' done it in the first place

(11:37:14) Sinner: What do You mean its to late for that!!

(11:37:52) Sinner: Well, its bloody hard to repent properly when a bloke is having a good time

(11:39:14) Sinner: Well, I mean it's kind of 'sin, then repent' but a bloke got to have a quite a bit of sin before he's got enough to do a proper job of repenting

(11:39:34) Sinner: Well, I know I had enough sinnin'!!!

(11:40:08) Sinner: I just hadn't gotten to the penitence part yet. I was pacing meself

(11:40:31) Sinner: I'm still sorry though.............................Lord?

(11:41:15) Sinner: What do You mean You bloody made dream I was dead !!.... I mean... Wait don't smite me, Lord?

(11:41:24) Sinner: You mean I'm not dead!

(11:41:32) Sinner: and I'm still alive

(11:41:51) Sinner: and I still have time to do all me repentin'?!

(11:42:12) Sinner: and I'm not goin' to the hot spot, if ye ken my meaning?!

(11:42:22) Sinner: [Flames]
(11:43:06) Sinner: Right, Right, got it. Yes, Your Perfectioness

(11:43:15) Sinner: will repent as ordered

(11:44:23) Sinner: but... if a bloke were to be a bit 'ungery a borrow a little somemat, which not a soul would miss....

(11:44:32) Sinner: [Larger Flames]

(11:44:51) Sinner: Okay.... Right, Lord. Um, can I wake up, now?

(11:44:53) Sinner: Please?


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