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Running on Jewish Time

Friday, July 01, 2005

The Downfall of Meaningful Action

Hitler was sane. Hitler was evil. Hitler was great. Hitler was a human
being. There are those who want to say that everyone is nice. Everyone isn't nice. We're human being, not Disney characters. We have powerful drives like love and justice and the twisted twins, lust and power. The amount of potential in a single human being is terrifying. That element which makes him human, his free will, means he may, not necessarily, but bend it in whatever direction he chooses.

If you will not let me be evil, I cannot be good. If you would relegate my faults, my poor choices to happenstance and circumstances, compelling and deprive me of culpability, what significance would they have had? Let me have impact or I and the world like me, yearning for some measure of immortality will shake apart the very heavens to attain it.

"If the defendants had been degraded perverts, if all the leaders of the Third Reich had been sadistic monsters and maniacs, then these events [the Holocaust] would have no more moral content than an earthquake". - Judgment at Nuremberg, closing remarks


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