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Running on Jewish Time

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Someone I can Lie to Forever

Whenever I see two people have that specail closeness. I sigh
and feel a little empty inside and wish for that special
someone who I can lie to for the rest of my life.

That special someone who when I see them I put on that
gorgeous smile and perk up and laugh and talk of all sorts of
beautiful things. That special someone who the minute they
walk into the room, I straighten up and let that glow shine
through my skin, instead of keeping it contained just beneath
the surface. That specail someone who I give to with my smile
and my silence, with my work and my weariness, with my
toughness and my tenancity.

That specail someone who I can lie to with every face, every gesture, every silence, that I am the powerful, calm,
compassionate person that I know I'm not, because that specail someone believes so deeply that I really am.


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