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Running on Jewish Time

Friday, June 03, 2005

My Last Day

People tell you to live today like its the last day of your life?

But I don't understand. I were to die tommarow then I wouldn't be working today. I wouldn't have done laundry. I wouldn't be making plans
to a wedding tommarow. I wouldn't do quite a lot of things. All the maitence of our lives would fall away leaving only that which we find meaningful now.

There is so much that we do for tommarrow. Who would build a house if they didn't think that they would sleep there for years to come?

or maybe that their grandchildren.

So on the day we die we would only spend time on what would perpetuate itself through decades to come. or eternity for preference.

not spend our time like so much empty water raining down on our heads and soaking us through.


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