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Running on Jewish Time

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Day 39: Bear Your Brother's Yoke

Why can't he bear it?

sure he can. but sorrow shared is half sorrow, and joy shared is double joy. so double the joy and halve the sorrow and listen to someone.

Listen to what they say, the words, the inflection, the facial expressions, the silent communications of a thousand sorts that each person calls out. Hear their silences, their pauses savoring a thought, their hesistations and reluctance to answer, the hasty smoothing of a ruffled emotion. really listen

Then really feel, their exhaustion at yet another day to come, their joy at yet another job well done, their pain, their laughter, their calm and their rage.

Then reach out and speak to them, face to face, that within completely without, and talk. of life, of things petty and grand, what is on their mind. and ease your brother's burden and your own


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