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Running on Jewish Time

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Standard Acts of Kindness

Why is it that it so easy to believe that good should be done only when one feels good about doing it?

Refusing to cheat is good, but knowing you will fail as you hand in the test doesn't feel good by anyone's standards

So why do randomn acts of kindness? ones caused by momentary spurts of selflessness, which is our better half finally ringing in through our usaul shell of indifferance. Such fresh and tender blossoms of our better selves do not survive long in the harsh clime of reality.

So why not standard acts, that you drag your tired body to do after you've worked and studied all day, tuck your kid in, call your mom, volunteer, every single week. always meet everyone with a smile even if you're exhausted.

Such kindness grows deep and tall inside of us until it is so firmly rooted that not even the fiercest winds of fortune and history can rip it out.

Then you are a kind person.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Feast of Tabernacles

Where do they get these names from?

It's Succot. you know, the Holiday of Huts, i geuss just doesn't have the same ring.

So what's all the living in huts about? just a realization of the fragility of our everyday lives.

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