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Running on Jewish Time

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

... After the Fact

There are those among who do not have the luxury and truly the necessity of spending today calculating the gains and losses of the past year. We are at work putting in the extra hours to make up. Finishing school projects early so we can take the chag off, washing floors to get ready for the troops of guests.

We are all struggling, spending our time on other things so that tonight, as we light the candles, walk to Shul, listen to the chazan's hushed voice begin the low tunes that are sung only this day and one other, we may stand there, not as lawyers and accountants, engineering majors and graduate students, but as our most basic Jewish selves.

Today we are not spending learning the nuances of the prayers and laws, but we wish we were. We are not spending the day in earnest contemplation of G-d but working in all our various way to prepare for it. Directly or indirectly.

G-d when He weighs us tonight might find us wanting in accomplishment, but will He find us wanting in effort?


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