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Running on Jewish Time

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

This is not immediately related to Elul, but is appropriate considering the quote from this week's parsha:

And G-d who said that day, To be for Him a treasured nation as He said to you and guard His commandments and to elevate you above all the nations and make you a praise, name and glory, that you should be a holy nation to L-rd, your G-d, as it was said [Devarim 26: 18-19]

no matter how hard you try, the hebrew is always better.

So what? well for everyone attending a secular school, who has spent the past couple days going to professor after teaching assistant after employer, explaining exactly why the aren't able to take an exam on the first day of such a minor holiday as succot, this is why you're doing it.

So all the trouble we take juggling the holidays and the work and the school is a living demonstration of this "elevation above all nations" and a yet another sign that we don't march to the beat of their year


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